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More Than a Lamp Manufacturer

We offer easy and affordable solutions for your application.

Welcome to BHK Inc.

BHK has been a recognized Leader in Light Source Design and Manufacturing for over 40 years! From lamps and light sources to complete OEM systems, we manufacture and support the highest quality equipment for your application.

With documented 99.8% on-dock quality acceptance and ISO 9001:2008 Certification, BHK is the recognized leader in Low Pressure Mercury, Zinc and Cadmium Lamp Fabrication. Combining our Lamp, Optics and Systems Design, BHK has entered new and unique fields where state of the art is “business of the day”. We ARE Full Service.


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ISO Certified


BHK is ISO 9001:2015 SGS Certified, is constantly being audited and in good standing with SGS.
ISO Certified


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ISO Certified

A Little About Our Company

BHK, Incorporated is a ISO 9001:2008 certified corporation specializing in the design and manufacturing of Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red Lamps and Power Systems.

Started in 1975, BHK has grown into a high quality lamp and systems manufacturer dedicated to providing superior products through constant quality improvement. Located in Ontario, California, BHK incorporates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and dedicated staff to produce simply the best product on the market today. We are constantly striving to “light the way” by manufacturing the most innovative lighting systems on the market, breaking new ground with products like The Lamp ManagerTM and MaxirTM.

With over 100 years combined experience in the design and manufacturing of light sources, BHK is one of the world leaders in supplying ultraviolet lamps into a broad range of industries. Our philosophy and capabilities focus on supplying not only lamps, but complete lamp based systems designed to meet or exceed our customers specifications.

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Custom Applications
With our team of talented engineers and technical people, we are ready to assist you with any custom application.
Innovative Products
With over 75 years in the industry, we are a recognized leader in bringing now products and services to market.
ISO certified
You can feel confident our products and services are held to the highest standards in the industry.