Hot Spot Lamps

Brief Description: When customers asked for a Low Pressure Mercury Source for connecting to a fiber bundle, BHK created the Hotspot Lamp. Based on our durable AnaLamp design, the Hot Spot offers users to direct ultraviolet energy into a fiber bundle or light pipe easily.
Brief Description: Who better to design a lamp power supply than the lamp manufacturer themselves. BHK offers a complete line of power supplies specifically designed to power BHK’s full line of light source products.
Brief Description: The MAXIR® is a broad band infra-red filament source with an integral reflector specifically designed for maximum output throughout the IR region.
Brief Description: BHK offers two lines of mercury grid lamps: Standard & High Output. High Output Grid Lamps offer as much as 2-3 times the energy level and are used in applications where speed of process is directly related to the amount of light intensity available.
Brief Description: Low pressure Zinc and Cadmium lamps are major sources of extreme short wave UV radiation. They produce a strong spectral line source at 213.9 nm for Zinc and 228.8 nm for Cadmium. Zinc and Cadmium Lamps are commonly used in air pollution monitoring and sulphur dioxide(SO2) detection systems.
Brief Description: BHK offers a premier line of Low Pressure Mercury Analytical Lamps. Based on years of design modification and perfection, AnaLamps provide users a durable and stable product that produces reliable 185nm and 254nm energy for a wide range of applications.